Black It White with Karbonoir!

Are you looking for some product to whiten your teeth? Yes, there is so many products but the one I would be recommending to my readers is very effective black magic and actually whitens your teeth.
Karbonoir is activated charcoal powder from coconut shells which naturally whitens and polishes your teeth. And I can say its effect starts right from its first usage.
Some of the main features of Karbonoir Teeth Whitener
-    100% natural ingredients
-    Remove coffee, cigarette and wine stains
-    You can use it WITH or INSTEAD of your regular toothpaste
-    No side effects at all
-    People of all ages can use it

It is very easy to use. Use it once a day, method is very simple. Put powder on your wet toothbrush and put it on your teeth for two minutes. After that put on your normal toothpaste and you are done. There is no side effect, no irritation, only positive effect to your teeth.
You can order here.

I use it in combination with Nordics Bamboo Charcoal brush. Karbonoir Whitening will give you a shining smile, worth showing off.
 The toothbrush is with soft and pointed bristles that gently are cleaning the spaces between teeth, withouth damaging enamel. Nordics are for those who love nature and everybody that wants to experience magic. They are for everyone, always!
You can order here.

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