3. October 2017
 My Pink Hair

Last month I used Pastel Cotton Candy Pink ColorConditioner - EvilHair and I was sooo excited above results. Color was perfect, prettiest pink I ever had. After use my hair was undamaged, vibrant and most important – strong and healthy. It´s great how easy it is for use and it¬´s excellent that I choose the intensity of the pigment by my own. On my hair pigment stay up for 4 washes, it depends on the quality of your hair and after care. It is fun and creative way, to refresh old hair color at home.


I recommend EvilHair Conditioners to all, who want a special color in any shade you want and you can decide for how long you will have colored hair. All this without visiting the salon and for little amount of money.


Some facts:

- does not damage the hair
- you can use it on chemically treated and heavy damaged hair
- nourishes and moisturizes your hair
- the application is simple
- NO testing on animal
- erase unwanted tones easily
- unique formula, created by a reward winning professional hair colourist
- create your own color with mixing all conditioners together

Some people believe that this color was made by fairies for unicorns, so you can imagine how fluffy and sugary the prettiest pink is <3


Instruction for application:

-Wash the hair. Do not use the conditioner.
-Apply a generous amount of ColorConditioner to dry or dumb hair. Cover the hair to contain heat.
-Process from 15-90 minutes, depending on the color.
-Rinse the hair thoroughly away from the face.
-No additional conditioning needed.
-Dry your hair and enjoy COLORFUL LIFE <3


HERE you can order your favorite color.

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