12 november 2017


                                             HEALTHY HAIR with Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle line

Hey hey!
I have used the Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle line for about 2 months, and now it’s time to tell you about it.

Objective of this range was to provide consumers with a luxurious care for damaged hair. What makes this product unique is that it is the first professional product in the world to launch an oil range with the key ingredient Barbary Fig Oil - known for retaining moisture and it's "self-repairing" property.
This is kind of a big statement to make, especially because everyone with long or blonde hair seeks the perfect product that will provide two results. Healthy and Moisturised hair.
The scent is really soft, welcoming and calming with a hint of fruit. From cleansing your hair to treating and blow drying, you are guaranteed a long lasting fragrance.
The result is stronger, smoother, shiny and quality hair.... which means HEALTHY HAIR!
You can choose your products here.

Thank you lovelies for reading this review!
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