Corral de la Moreria - Flamenco show


Flamenco is a profesionalized art-form based on the various folcloric music traditions of southern Spain in the autonomous communities of Andalusia. As we were already in Madrid, there is no chance that we would miss a flamenco show.


By doing the research on the internet, Corral de la Moreria was the restaurant which we both liked the most. The restaurant is located in Calle Moreria, which is only a few minutes away from Sol, where our hotel "Room 007 select" was. So we took a metro to get there. The thing that fascinated us the most when we were checking the restaurant on internet, was the fact, that in 2011 the establishment received a recommendation in the Michelin Guide for the fifth consecutive year and that the restaurant is among "1000 places to see before you die" in the NY times bestseller by author Patricia Schultz. The restaurant is also listed among 10 best sights in Madrid and received "the best flamenco in the world" award during one of Spain's most important flamenco festivals. We were impressed also with the list of former visitors (Muhammad Ali, Richard Gere, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Michael Douglas and many more).

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The service was really amazing, when we entered, the receptor took us to the table and introduced us to our waitor for the night. He friendly served us with the information about the wine we described him. We were drinking red and sweet white wine and the waitor was always around the table, making sure we have the glasses full.

From starters menu, we took "Roasted Vine Tomato Stuffed with Baby Squid Accompanied by Squid Ink Risotto Topped with Idiazábal Cheese" and "Vegetable Ravioli with Lobster, Green Shoots and Minuature Vegetables". Both dishes were profesionalized with a touch of the chef and very tasty.

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For main dish (because we are both a fan of chicken :D) we decided for "Free range Chicken with Parmentier and a Port Sauce". I can ony say that I haven't eaten such a tasty chicken in my life!

Because the portions are enormous, we only took one dessert and we shared it. It was called "Childhood memories". The dessert is made of biscuits, milk and chocolate. If you go there, it is absolutely forbidden to take anything else, because this dessert is something unique.

About the Flamenco show I don't want to lose words, the prices that the establishment received talk for themselves. It was a stunning performance from all of them, the musicians and the dancers. The show lasted about an hour, and we were simply amazed. If you go to Madrid you can`t miss flamenco show in Corral de la Moreria restaurant.

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