4 November 2018

Last night in Madrid - NUBEL restaurant

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On the last day of our trip in Madrid, we decided to look for a nice place to dine. Nubel restaurant was the perfect choice for us, the restaurant meet all of our requirements. Restaurant is located inside the Reina Sofia Museum and has a great, creative ambience with modern and elegant decor. We had a great experience, Nubel is really one of the best places to dine in Madrid.

Let me share our view on the menu.

Before the dinner, we decided to try out cocktails. We tried EX PARIS (Gin London No.3,Chartreuse,Benedictine,Lychee,Lemon,Almond syrup and Ginger Ale) and MIAMI BEACH (Gin London No.3,tangerine,grenadine,grapefruit juice, orange ice cream). They were very refreshing and great as a drink before the dinner. After the dinner we tried NUBEL***** (vodka, triple sec, passion fruit, mango, lime juice) and BLUE DEMON (Gin London No.3, fresh apple, apple syrup, blue curacao, lemon juice, syrup). All of them were amazing and professionally prepared, but I must say that the undisputed best choice is Blue demon, it's sweet and sour flavour is unbelievable.


As an appetizer, we picked PARLET LEAF, FLAMBE SALMON & MAYO-LIME (parlet leave, basmati rice, freeze-dried seaweed, half-smoked bacon, salmon flambe with lime and flowers mayonnaise) and MANGEOUT PEAS FALAFEL WITH YOGURT & MINT (Falafel version with mangetout peas, chick peas and herbs, lime cream, cucumber and feta cheese).

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Then the time was for the main dish, we decided to go for BOWLS & SPOONS, as listed in the menu. We tried BIBIMBAP (Korean dish made in a version of sautéed world rices, peanuts, vegetables, and half-curdled yolk) and SAUTEED SQUID ENDS & PUFFED WILD RICE (sautéed squid ends, w/ sprouts, Lombardy julienne, cabbage, sour-spicy dressing and puffed wild rice). Both of them were amazing in taste and rich in flavour.
We mostly enjoy sweet things in life, so the best moment in the restaurant is yet to come. From the CHEESE & SWEET menu, we ordered »CHEESECAKE, AMMARETTIS, STRACCIATELA & RASPBERRY ICE CREAM« and »SOUFLE –CUP OF DARK CHOCOLATE & CHANTILLY (Hot half-liquid chocolate and whipped cream soufflé)«. Just perfect, nothing else to say.

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Nubel is beautiful, stylish restaurant/lounge bar with great and professional service that I would definitely highly recommend to everyone while in Madrid


Thank you!


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