January 17, 2019

 A weekend in Morocco 

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Day 1

Our journey begins with a afternoon ride to Treviso Airport. From there we flew with low-cost air service Ryanair to Fez. The flight was relatively short (3 hours) and for the return ticket  we deducted only 27 €.

In the evening, we landed in Fez, where the driver from shuttledirect.com was already waiting for us. At the exit from a truly beautiful airport, be prepared - you will experience a cultural shock right away (:

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We booked a riad in the medina - the centre of Fez, which meant that we had to walk about 15 minutes to reach the destination. Of course, there would be nothing unusual if we weren't in "the second world". As we walked across the centre, all eyes were turned in us. The streets were full of people, there was real chaos out there, many small children selling various things, cleaning cars, begging, ... In silence, we finally got to the riad, where the situation was completely different. They greeted us with fresh mint tea and we went to sleep with full expectations. 

Day 2

The next day we woke up around 8:00, because at 9:00 we had a trip to the city of Chefchaouen booked. Everything was ok, until at 8:00 the guide knocked at our door. Suddenly, the heartless morning turned into a morning chaos (: Our guide Abdul from the agency FezSaharaTours tells us that this happens to many tourists, because the clock in Morocco is delayed by 1 hour because of the summer time, but the people in Morocco just do not take this into account (: And how could we know that? =) In short, we eat breakfast and get ready for a 3 and a half hour trip to the north with our private driver named Aziz.

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Finally, we arrived in a small highland town lying in the middle of the Rif mountains. Houses are painted with different shades of blue, picturesque alleyways intertwine into a real maze. Here we find local waterfalls, where the locals still wash laundry. We were fascinated by the city, if you want to read more, here you can find a more detailed presentation - Chefchaouen.

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In the evening we returned to Fez in the accommodation in our new luxury Riad Braya, also in the medina. You can read more about the riad here.

Day 3

When we woke up and had breakfast, a new adventure awaited us. We visited the Moroccan capital - Rabat. We also drove for a good 2 hours - on the highway, so the ride was more pleasant than the one in Chefchaouen. The city immediately gave us a sense of orderliness, cleanliness. In short, the modern city has the nickname »White Capital of the Kingdom of Morocco«. We visited beautiful sights and started to explore the city. Read more HERE.

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We booked the trip through Anaam Tours agency. Their chauffeur took us to parts of the city that we wanted to see and gave us all the information. Upon returning from Rabat, we stopped at Meknes, where we went to a traditional lunch and fresh orange juice. Of course, before returning to our riad Braya, we stopped at one of the major shopping centres on the outskirts of Fez (: There, one of the street artists painted my daughters hand with kana, so we successfully completed the day (:

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At the return to our riad, we decided to hang out at the main floor with mint tea and traditional snacks. We made a plan for the last day, since our trip is slowly running out.

Day 4

We woke up full of energy - otherwise a little sad, because we knew that the last 5 hours of the trip were walking ahead of us. We packed everything and prepared for departure.

After the abundant and royal breakfast, Abdul came back from FezSaharaTours agency. We decided that he would be the guide for the chaotic Fes - his medina still bestows life for centuries back - typically for Morocco. Here you can see many crafts that stayed the same for centuries.

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The streets are very traditional and narrow, and there are as many as 9500, which is why the orientation without a guide is a considerable problem. There are plenty of street vendors, mosque, blue-white ceramics and by far the most photogenic sight of the world - famous Fes - a leatherette with colorful pools, where leather is hand-painted in a natural way. There is an unpleasant smell all the time, which is perfectly understandable given the use of dove pigeons - to soften the leather, then paint it.

Here are the makers of carpets, agave fibre scarves, the oldest university in the world, ...

Fez is certainly a place that takes us through time and we are glad we visited it. After purchasing the stock of argan oil, we headed to the airport and decided that we would definitely return to Morocco.

The visit of Marrakech and the Sahara desert is still waiting for us.

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