January 19, 2019

 Chefchaouen - blue pearl of Morocco 


First of all I must say thank you FesSaharaTours agency for our fabulous trip to the city of Chefchaouen. The agency offers a number of different Morocco trips, which you can find on their website. The owner of the agency named Abdul, after receiving correspondence from Slovenia, was extremely helpful to us and prepared to consult us about the excursion.

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On the day of the trip, driver Aziz waited for us in our riad at the agreed time. He welcomed us warmly and escorted us to a spacious car that we will use for the drive towards north of Morocco.

On a long journey, where we observed olive groves and marvelous landscapes, after 3 and half hours long journey we finally arrived to our final destination, the city of Chefchaouen. The city has been greeted with its protective color: blue. Chefchaouen was founded as a fortification to protect its citizens against attackers, but today it attracts tourists from all over the world with its color. There are many myths about the reason for the blue color, our driver Aziz presented us his own - that the city got blue color in the 14th century, when the founder of the city of Chefchaouen began to paint the walls of the houses in blue because of the proximity of the sea.

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Mystically painted houses are enchanting at first glance. We went to explore the picturesque streets. All corners are carefully designed with details and streets shaped in a typical maze like other old town centres in Morocco.

At the door there are vividly colored pots with different flowers combined with cats on watch (: The locals living in the city of Chefchaouen are still laundering laundry in local stream and waiting with bags of clothes for random tourists to dress them with traditional clothes.

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Our driver recommended us a restaurant, which was really a very good choice. We had a delicious lunch with four main dishes, two orange juices and mint tea. One of the dishes we had to try was a traditional Moroccan plate called "Tajine", which can be prepared according to your wishes in a number of ways, with vegetables, beef, chicken meat, ... For the meal we spent € 12.

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There are many shops in the city, where locals sell everything that comes to your mind. From clothing, hats and handbags, natural products, perfumes, ... In any case, it seems that tourists buy everything (: Including us.

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The fairy city of Chefchaouen is definitely one of the most beautiful cities of Morocco and is highly recommended for every tourist, family or couple.

Thank you FezSaharaTours for an amazing trip!

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