March 7, 2019

 One of the best riads in Morocco - RIAD BRAYA 

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Hey lovelies,

Today I would like to introduce you with one of the most known and best riads in Morocco. First of all, what is a riad exactly? Riad is a type of traditional Moroccan house with two or more stories around a courtyard with a fountain. Riads were city homes of the wealthiest citizens, that is why on the outside they are nothing special, but when you enter, then you can see the beautiful design and architecture. All of the rooms open in the central atrium with balcony all around the upper floors, which makes the view from upstairs especially amazing.

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Riad Braya is located in the one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of the Fez Medina. In year 2015 the riad was named as the best luxury classical riad of the year, which is obvious from the moment you enter. Amazing architecture, authentic structures and astonishing design are the phrases that describe the riad most easily.

No matter that we arrived late in the evening, the riad manager was waiting for us with a cup of fresh mint tea and cookies. He took us to our room, which was located in the second floor. Because it was dark and the blue lights were shining in the fountain, the view from our balcony was stunning. The rooms are very spacious, with air-conditioning, large bathroom and your own balcony with rest seats, coffee machine and the view on the atrium. The second floor also has a beautiful glass part of the balcony, on which you can sit down and relax, the amazing part of this is that you can see through the glass floor.

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In the morning, the sun shining through the glass roof gently wakes you up and fills you with energy to start the day. The other thing that fills you up with energy is the amazing breakfast that is waiting for you in the atrium, exactly at the agreed time. The typical Moroccan breakfast offers a full choice of delicacies, from croissants to fresh fruit, fresh mint tea to coffee.

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The breakfast was a real treat, something that we will remember for a long time. On the last day of our stay there, we had a guide to take us through the medina of Fes, the place where time seems to have frozen through centuries and because of the Riad Braya location, we were just few steps away.

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We were amazed by the peace and the magic of Riad Braya, so we would recommend it to everyone.

Thank you Riad Braya for the hospitality and for making our stay so amazing.


With Love,


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