24 November 2018

Best things to do in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and an incredible interesting city to explore during your trip. The city shows it's fame with multinational character, delicious food, rooftop bars, history and endless fun stuff you can find along the way. First, when we arrived I must confess, we were a little lost. When you check out the map of public transport, it seems like you would need an eternity to figure it out. But day after day, you realise that the public transport card is the best decision you could ever make. Madrid is known as the city with the best organized public transport in the world, and there is no doubt about that. You can travel to any corner in the city with metro, train or bus.

On the first day, there was the first fun attraction we were looking forward to visit. It's called »GoCar Tours Madrid«. The tourist office that offers this attraction is located in Calle Ferraz, near Rosaleda Parque. You can describe the GoCar as a scooter on three wheels. It has GPS navigation which guides you around the city sites and describes them with voice. If you don't like to be guided, you can also choose the path yourself. We decided for the last one, because it was our first time in Madrid and we wanted to generally explore the city. The fun lasts for about an hour, and we stepped out of the GoCar really excited about the things we'll see close in the next few days.


On the rainy afternoon, we were looking for a place to have lunch with a view. We decided to go check out a place called Picalargatos sky bar. The restaurant is located on Gran Via street, which is the main and the most crowded street in Madrid. As soon as we stepped out of the elevator, there was no doubt that this restaurant was the best choice we could made. The rooftop view is stunning the place has a lovely atmosphere, which is perfect for a couple to have a glass of wine, cocktail and to enjoy their delicious food.


Despite the fact that we generally explored the city with GoCar, we wanted to see more. With this reason, we took Madrid City Tour with a bus. The office that offers this tour is called Visita Madrid, which also offers tickets  for tourist attractions like Faro de Moncloa and many other.

The tour bus is open at the top, which makes a wonderful view of the city while driving. Every passenger gets his piece of earphones, which you connect on the terminal in front of your seat. At any time you can step out of the bus to see a site by detail, and step again on the next bus in few minutes. If you enjoy history and sites seeing, Madrid City Tour   is the way to go.


Because my boyfriend is a big fan of Real Madrid, we attended »Bernabeu tour«  .  The tour takes place at Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the home of Real Madrid soccer team. The stadium capacity is about 81.000 people and when you come to the last row of seats on the top, you really see how magnificent this stadium is. The tour is guided and takes you to dressing rooms, conference room, the seats for substitute players and to the very edge of the pitch. You can also take interactive pictures with some players of the team, which they generate by computer.

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On the next day, the fixture of Laliga took place on Santiago Bernabeu stadium  between Real Madrid and Levante. Of course, there was no chance we would miss this. The atmosphere on the stadium was really something special, despite the fact that the home team lost the match. On the stadium, we were just a few seats away from the pitch, so we had an amazing view of the players. The amazing thing about this stadium is the fact, that no matter how many people are on the stadium, you only have to wait a few minutes to enter. If you plan your trip to Madrid, make sure you don't miss this wonderful experience.


Before our trip, we booked a hotel Room007 Select.  The hotel is located in the heart of Madrid, near the Plaza Mayor. We took the metro there, because the hotel is only about 200m away from Opera metro stop. The staff of the hotel was kind and friendly, the receptionist took us to our room and showed us around. The hotel has a quiet atmosphere with a great modern boutique feel.


When we checked in at the hotel, we decided to take a walk. Not far from the hotel, we ran into Royal palace of Madrid. The amazing structure and greatness of this building amazed us. We took some pictures there and continued to the biggest natural park in Madrid, called Retiro Park. The park is really enormous and with his green character will surely fascinate every visitor. On the beginning of the park, there is a lake and you can take a paddle boat tour. With dozens of boats on the lake and a Monument of Alfonso, this is really a romantic attraction you shouldn't miss.

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On the last day of our trip in Madrid, we decided to look for a nice place to dine.  Nubel restaurant  was the perfect choice for us, the restaurant meet all of our requirements. Restaurant is located inside the Reina Sofia Museum and has a great, creative ambience with modern and elegant decor. We had a great experience, Nubel is really one of the best places to dine in Madrid.



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