February 6, 2019

 A must see on Tenerife- LORO &SIAM Park 


In today's blog I would like to introduce you to two most visited amusement parks on the Canary Island of Tenerife. They are called LORO and SIAM Park.


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This is the oldest, biggest and most known ZOO park on Tenerife. It was founded in 1972 and opened on 1.3 hectares, which number massively increased until today, when the park stands at 13.5 hectares. The park is guided by true professionals, which is visible just at the moment you set your foot in the park. LORO Park is in fact a foundation, which is animal-friendly and helps preserve the endangered species and raise them in an controlled environment. We really got a special feeling about the welfare of the animals in the park, which was also confirmed by many medals and certificates that the park received in the years operating. The park is also voted as the #1 in the world by famous travel platform TripAdvisor.

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Every single detail in the park is perfected to the point. When you arrive at the front desk, you get the map of the park, which helps you navigate around the park. We had many time, so we decided to get the most from that day and explore the whole park. Here is a list of only few of the amazing animals you can find at the park: penguins, chimpanzees, western gorillas, white tigers, lions, pink flamingos, jellyfish, sharks etc. Some of the most popular attractions are: penguin world, underwater tunnel aquarium, jellyfish world… There are also various animal shows carried out every day in the park, like orca show, dolphin show, parrot show and sea lions show.

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On our schedule, the first show to see was orca show. The big display in the middle of the arena was showing splashes from the previous shows, so we decided not to be wet and sit a little on the upper side. The movie on the display was showing the amazing rescue story of the orca named Morgan, which impressed all of us. The whale was rescued from the ocean and was extremely underweight. They managed to help Morgan to regain it's strength, they were daily checking her progress until she was perfectly health again. Morgan managed to give birth in 2018 which is a great addition to this beautiful story.

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In that day, we also managed to see the sea lion and dolphin show. Both shows are amazing, especially for younger audiences. We were also amazed by jellyfish tanks displayed in jellyfish kingdom. There are numerous species of jellyfish and they even have a lab section where you can see the technical background behind preserving the jellyfish. The penguin world is also a  beautiful attraction to see because they have a conveyor, which takes you around the glass display and you can observe the penguins on the ice mountain and also when they take a swim in the water.

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Loro park is a must see on Tenerife if you have kids and also if you are just a tourist looking to observe wild animals in their natural habitats.


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Designed by the constructors of LORO park, which is visible also by detailed design and similar theme in both parks. Siam park is the biggest water park in Europe and one of the biggest water parks in the world. The location of the park is Costa Adeje, which is only few hundred meters from Playa de Las Americas. The free bus to SIAM Park is available from the centre of Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos and also some stops in between, which is a great addition to facilitate transport.

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The park opened it's door in 2008 and includes 25 Thai buildings, which are the largest collection of Thai buildings outside Thailand. The park is designed for family purposes, relaxation and even tourists who are looking for adrenaline shot.

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Among many different rapids, which are a great attraction for the children, there are also white sand beaches where you can lay down and relax, while your children play in the water or build castles in the sand. The lazy river is another great attraction with the highest elevation at 8m and takes you through shark tunnel. There are also many water slides that are suitable for adults and really make your heart beat.

One of them is Tower of power. This is a water slide with 28m height with a vertical free fall feeling on which you can reach up to 80km/h speed. When you step on the top of the water slide and look down, you think twice before you decide to slide down. The most interesting thing about Tower of power is that the lower part of the slide is made of glass and it takes you through a tank with the real Tiger shark, which is terrifying. You can observe the shark more closely on the lazy river ride or on the outer side of the tank, but the ride through the tank with a shark is really a great experience.

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The park offers a lot of unforgettable experiences and it is really highly recommended for every tourist who visits Tenerife.

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