7 Best things in Bratislava

7 Best things in Bratislava
10. February, 2018 admin

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Slovakia’s quaint capital city is the perfect place to spend a day or two. Bratislava is small enough that you can walk to pretty much everything. Not gonna lie, that is kind the perfect combination right there. So, what should you do?

The narrow streets are full of history, breweries, restaurants, bars and tiny shops. It is nice just to wander around, feel the city vibes and enjoy the old architecture of houses and churches.

There are endless streets, alleys and buildings to explore. I loved how even the dilapidated and decaying buildings still remained bright and beautiful!

It's best landmark is Bratislava castle for sure and it’s the most prominent sign of the city. The castle we see today was actually newly built as it was destroyed completely by the fire in 1811. The castle was also a residence of Maria Theresa. Now is primarily a museum and it often holds exhibitions.

St Elizabeth’s / Blue Church

This church is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, not many churches are pained in this vivid sky blue pallet and it really stands out within architecture of the surrounding streets. Stunning Blue Church become my favourite spot in the city.

UFO’s observation deck – enjoy the view

To get the best views over Bratislava, you have to visit the UFO’s observation deck, building rises over 85m above the Danube. The views are spectacular. Just one floor beneath the observation deck is a restaurant and bar, also offering beautiful views over Bratislava.

Meet the Beautiful Naci

There once lived Ignac Lamar in Bratislava. He was a local, that everyone named Beautiful Naci. The reason was that he was always dressed smart and walked around the Bratislava’s old town. When he saw a beautiful young girl, he took his cylinder hat from his head, as a gesture of admiration. You will find his statue near the main square.

Visit a Linos café

Bratislava is becoming trendy and has some really nice bars and restaurants. We loved the Linos cafe. If you are there, make sure to try their home-made lemonades and order delicious lunch.


Bratislava built so many shopping centers recently for increasing demands; Aupark, Eurovea, Tesco center and so much more! They offer lots of shops, cafés and restaurants.

There are so many useful tips for Bratislava but the main one is: Be open minded and enjoy! Bratislava is not a large capital, but it still has plenty of things to offer. If you want to enjoy the city with the best things to do without rushing, book 2-3 nights. We stayed at Roset Boutique hotel.

*** For more detailed overview of our stay at Roset Boutique hotel read here or check our VIDEO ***

So, have you ever been to Bratislava?


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