Logar valley: The perfect country vacation

Logar valley: The perfect country vacation
24. June, 2019 admin

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This time I will share with you the perfect idea for a weekend trip to Logar Valley, for which we decided in cooperation with SELECTBOX Slovenia. SelectBox offers a variety of gift packages, where you can find a catalog of services you can choose your service from. Depending on the price of the package and the selected service, you can settle the costs with the SELECTBOX card, which you find in the package. Packages are definitely the perfect choice, because you can find something for yourself in every package.

It was free weekend in front of us and we were very happy to have a break, so the package »Country vacation« was perfect for us. In the catalogue, the quiet weekend at Farmhouse Ojstrica in Logar valley was the most attractive to us, which is also the top choice according to the guests' experience.

At the entrance in the landscape park, we had a wonderful view of this glacial valley surrounded by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Logar valley is an extremely popular tourist destination, full of natural and cultural sights and beautiful corners. Among the natural characteristics, the most famous waterfall is the waterfall Rinka, which is one of the highest free falling waterfalls in Slovenia. Logar valley is also an extremely popular destination for hikers, bikers, runners and other sports enthusiasts. It is one of the few natural sites where you can see the respectful attitude and coexistence of man with nature.

Farmhouse Ojstrica is located in the very heart of the Logar valley. With her genuine "domestic" touch she immediately charmed us. The farmhouse staff offers a long range of activities; horse riding, carriage rides, archery etc.... You can visit their stable, where you can find many other domestic animals among horses, which will be very interesting to your children. On a special occasion you can arrange a magical atmosphere for celebration and even organise a wedding party. In winter, there is a ski running track in the immediate vicinity of the house, a sledge hill and an ice rink. You can rent equipment for these activities at the reception desk of the house.

Hranjenje konjev Logarska dolina

Our experience was wonderful. With the SELECTBOX- G »Country vacation« package, we had an overnight stay with breakfast for 2 people. The staff was very friendly and completely dedicated to each guest. Beautiful wood combinations used in the arrangement of the rooms create a calming country atmosphere in the house. The rooms are clean, decorated and fresh. In the morning you can indulge in a variable breakfast buffet, where you can enjoy coffee and if you like, they prepare you fresh omelette or scrambled eggs.

Zajtrk kmečka hiša ojstrica

Due to bad weather, we spent most of our time under the roof, but nevertheless, it was an unforgettable weekend in Farmhouse Ojstrica in the heart of the Logar valley. I recommend everyone to visit this idyllic house and to select Select Box package as an excellent gift for your loved ones.


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Kmečka hiša ojstrica lipicanci konji
Logarska dolina konji
Selectbox paket podeželska doživetja
Kmečka hiša ojstrica v logarski dolini
Večerja kmečka hiša ojstrica

The publication was created in cooperation with SelectBox Slovenija.

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