Weekend getaway in Crikvenica

Weekend getaway in Crikvenica
30. June, 2019 admin

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At the beginning of the month I was enjoying with a great team of people in Crikvenica, where I spent more than an excellent organised extended weekend. Crikvenica tourist board organized a promotional colored weekend, attended by 6 bloggers / influencers from different countries. The crew consisted of a couple from Croatia (Iva and Branko) - Putoholičari, Sara from Australia, who lives in Croatia and writes blog »Chasing the donkey«, Miriam from Hamburg, Tony from Berlin and me from Maribor.. The organiser Tajana was with us from the very beginning and she took care that everything went completely flawlessly and without complications.

Crikvenica is a small seaside town in Croatia and is the most famous tourist centre in Kvarner. It is suitable for couples, young families, individuals or simply for girls weekend. Crikvenica is full of smaller and larger coves that are covered in tiny stones and offers countless activities and events throughout the year, among which everyone will find something for themselves.

Crikvenica boasts more than excellent cuisine. We have participated in oily fish week, where they exhibited various typical dishes for all gourmets. We visited many top restaurants, where they made the most of their efforts and conjured unforgettable and very tasty dishes. I prefer not to even mention the deserts =) Let me list some of the restaurants that particularly impressed me: Restaurant Dida, Hotel Esplanade, Trabakul, Domino, …

The first day we stayed in the hotel Katarina, where we slept for 4 days. Everyone had it's own suite in a modern and stylish design.

After check in, we went to dine at Dida restaurant, where we were all better acquainted and talked about the coming days and the schedule.

We went for a relaxing walk along the coast and the famous Frankopan cake, which is made according to 300 year old recipe and you can get this cake only in Crikvenica. Verified, very tasty and worth a stop!

A late dinner was held at the hotel restaurant Esplanade, where we were once again indulged with seafood specialities. Tired and full of expectations, we returned to our hotel.

We were all looking forward to the second day as a new adventure awaited us in the afternoon, the exploration of the city and its surroundings with electric bicycles. Our tour was Dramalj - Jadranovo, on the way we stopped several times and discovered new iconic corners for beautiful photos.

A crazy good experience that impressed everyone! Thank you El Bike for the opportunity. If you take the route to Crikvenica in the future, I certainly recommend El Bike rent-a-bike. Their staff and tour guides are awesome!

During the lunch we were in the Domino restaurant (Dramalj), where our hunger was quenched with delicious tuna. After lunch I spent my free time as it should be - on the beach, because I am really a great fan of the sea and leisurely rest on the coast.

In the evening, as already mentioned, we attended Oily fish week, where the show cooking workshop took place. We enjoyed typical meals and music, which accompanied all the events and added a special charm to a wonderful evening gathering.

On the third day I was awakened full of energy, as a boat trip and a panoramic ride awaited us. We definitely enjoyed everything here and were off in a pleasant, carefree atmosphere. After about an hour and a half we landed and looked at the aquarium and the museum in the city centre - both are worth seeing and do not take much time.

During the lunch we were at the Trabakul restaurant, where the chef himself showed us the preparation of the dishes, and some of us also experimented in cooking by ourselves.

Later we went to Love Path, where we climbed the Kavran wall and captured the beautiful views from the Mediterranean labyrinth of love.

After a mini hiking trip I went back to the beach and enjoyed the afternoon with the best Pina Colada.

In the evening we went for a short walk to Selce, where we were expecting an unforgettable sunset while enjoying dinner. Me and Miriam prepared a special dish in the Indian way, because we both wanted something which is not sea food =)) Dinner in the bistro Tunar was exceptional, with very friendly staff and a magical sunset for all romantic souls.

It was our last evening together, and it was very sad for us to bring our gathering to the end. A common breakfast followed, and I rested on a high-quality survived extended weekend, heading towards Slovenia. Crikvenica tourist board, thanks for the unforgettable experience and so well shown all the events in Crikvenica. I will definitely come back, this time with my family, so also the rest of the members can so genuinely experience this magical seaside town.

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The publication was created in cooperation with Crikvenica tourist board.

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