Bled is always a good idea for a trip

Bled is always a good idea for a trip
19. January, 2020 admin

A trip to Bled is always a good idea. Be it summer or winter, in all seasons it glitters and is not named as the pearl of Slovenia for free. This time, for the first time in a perfect lineup of four, we went there for a trip. Despite the low temperatures, the sun makes the surroundings magical and what is more beautiful than a quiet walk by the lake and admiring the breathtaking scenery.

It is definitely important to stop, drink coffee and get a Bled creamy slice and enjoy the moment.

izlet na bled

If time permits, it is a special experience to travel to Bled Island and visit the church where you can ring the wish bell. Also, for all those who love memories captured in beautiful photographs, the perfect location is the lookout point on Ojstrica. It gives you a spectacular view of the Bled Island. You can also catch a beautiful view from Bled Castle, which is located 130m above the lake.

blejski otok
sprehod na bledu

If you visit Bled in the warmer summer months, the list of outdoor activities will increase significantly. In addition to cycling, running, water sports, you can also swim in the lake. In the winter, swimming in the lake can be replaced with a visit to a good spa. This is exactly what we did.

We visited wellness Živa, which has a unique view of the Bled Island and the castle. We were very impressed by the fact that, in addition to the warm pools and the relaxed atmosphere, it also offers a children's attraction - an indoor slide, which will allow parents to find a moment for themselves.

wellness živa
prvo kopanje

We decided to go swimming because we had a gift package Select Box Slovenia. We chose between several locations, but we decided to visit Bled Wellness Živa, since it is located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bled. On Select Box offer, you can choose between different packages - cuisine, rural holidays, adrenaline experiences, etc. This magical package will definitely delight everyone as a gift. For help choosing, check here.

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