Malta - the first trip with a baby

Malta - the first trip with a baby
2. March, 2020 admin

At the beginning of February, we found ourselves on sunny Malta. Our short journey began with a flight from nearby Treviso airport. The flight lasted about 1 hour and a half and was really something special, since we were travelling for the first time with the youngest member of our family - Amai, who was 4 months old at the time. Of course, we got well prepared for the journey with a baby and everything went great.

Here you can read some tips for travelling with your baby on a plane.

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Upon arrival at the airport, we took the car (Avis rent-a-car) and drove to our hotel in the north of the island on the left side of the road. An interesting experience that requires a high level of concentration - not to drive in the wrong direction (: Lateral parking can also be a very special experience, but after only a few hours of driving on the wrong side of the road, everything becomes much easier. If you don't want to experience to drive on the wrong side, no worries, there are really great bus connections on the island.

In the evening, we arrived at the hotel and as soon as possible settled in the room and in anticipation of a new day we fell asleep. In the morning the sun's rays woke us up in a beautiful day. Full view from our balcony, fairly high winter temperatures (20 degrees) and a delicious hotel breakfast. Our adventure can begin.

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On the first day, the capital of the island state, Valetta, awaited our curious souls. It fascinated us all in a moment, because the pulse of the city is unique. Buildings, history, nice people, warm weather ... It takes you in an instant. The streets are nice and narrow. We searched the Baracca Gardens where we enjoyed the sun and watched a medieval cannon shooting. The view extends to the port, which is one of the deepest natural ports in the world. I definitely recommend a stroll through the old UNESCO-protected part of town. We enjoyed some local food here and more than not carelessly roamed the city.

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On the second day, we visited Popeye village If you are travelling with children, this is a must stop. The pretty village was built in 1980 with the sole purpose of recording the world famous Popeye musical. Popeye is one of the "cult" cartoon heroes of the childhood cartoons we grew up with, so this visit also had some sentimental value. The film was made under the auspices of the Walt Disney Production and Paramount Pictures, with the main character Popeye actor Robin Williams. Nowadays you will find cinema shows, numerous animations, board games in human size (cross-stitch, four in a row, throwing bags,…) and more. Among other things, you can try yourself as actors in a movie that they shoot multiple times a day. Mia thoroughly enjoyed all the activities here, while Amai enjoyed with me in a good cup of coffee and sunbathing with overlooking the crystal bay.

popeye village
Popajeva vas

We didn't plan anything for day three. After breakfast, we headed to the nearby town Mellieha to take a walk, shopping for some souvenirs, enjoying a local coffee and setting in the sunshine at the top at Sky View Caffee. In the afternoon, we continued our day in the rainbow bay of St.Julians, which used to be a fishing village and is now fully populated and very touristy. Here you can find a lot of good restaurants, cafes, shops ... The bay is decorated with colorful fishing boats "luzzu", which are found on most Maltese postcards. If you want good photos, this is a must-visit, as the location is very instagramable.

The food in Malta is a mixture of Arabic, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine - proven excellent. We tried some of their dishes and they were all very good. We may have been lucky in the choice or they may have a real sense of preparation.


I highly recommend visiting Malta for families with young children as well as couples. Malta is a wonderful diverse country that offers virtually every activity possible, so you can spend a long time there or just a weekend break.

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- Air plane ticket Treviso/Malta 30€

- hotel overnight / half board 4 days 190 € (3 persons)

– rent a car 5 days 55€

– coffee 1€ – 1,80€

– lunch 5€ – 11€

– entrance fee Popeye Village 11 €

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