The fairy tale on Santorini

The fairy tale on Santorini
25. March, 2020 admin

In June, 3 generations of girls wandered around the picturesque Santorini. All in all an unforgettable experience that I will definitely repeat in a few years. There are now other destinations on the bucket list. (:

Mia, Grandma and I, flew from Venice to Santorini. We spent the first three days in charming, for many a dream part of the island - capital Fira. We landed in the morning and the city immediately took us over. With our suitcases we stepped towards the reserved boutique hotel and all the way we were impressed by the personal surroundings and the mystical beat of the town. At the same time we were lost in a labyrinth of white-gray paved streets.

Oia pogled

Tired of the journey, we finally arrived at our destination. The friendly receptionist graciously received us and escorted us to our suite. I just stay silent here and say only WAU! So you know what I'm talking about, here you can read more about our accomodation. To sum up - a private luxury suite with its Jacuzzi and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and a caldera that stirs your imagination about the lost city Atlantida. One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen from our private terrace, WAU again!

Mia in jaz
mia in osliček

We peacefully unpacked, drank a drink, and set out to explore the surrounding area. Santorini is a very special island that stands out in its appearance and tidiness. Its colors are white, blue and gray and if I add all the flowers in their vibrant colors – A FAIRY TALE. It totally embraced me and I recommend it to everyone - couples, young and old, as well as families or as an escape with friends.

Fira is the capital of Santorini, so it's very lively here. It is full of cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, boutique souvenir shops, bars and more. There are also many stairs, ascents and descents. Because of the heat, I really can't imagine my visit in the main season (July, August). In my opinion, spring and fall are the best seasons to visit.

Mojca santorini

The famous Oia is an iconically colored village on a cliff about 20 minutes away by local bus. We visited the village twice and it really left us speechless. If you visit the island, definitely visit it and enjoy a walk combined with a timeless view of intense sunset colors.

slikovite ulice
razgled na santorini

With all the pampering in Kamares apartments, we spent the rest of our vacation (5 more days) at the other end of the island - Akrotiri. We carelessly enjoyed the pool and beach, crossing all the nearby and distant streets and having the most fun. This was also our main goal - holidays on the off.

We have planned some trips by ourselves. Among other things, because of the high temperatures, we wanted to see the various beaches, which are known as the most beautiful on the island. I was most fascinated with the red beach, we spent a great morning here. We then drove from this beach by taxi boat to the white beach. And this one was even more beautiful..Mighty white cliffs, black sand and crystal clear water. The scene that makes you reserve a new trip here in a moment (:

rdeča plaža
rdeča plaža pogled
bela plaža
bela plaža klifi

Finally, some more about pricing. Santorini positively surprised me, I was expecting slightly higher prices. Maybe because it was only June and they were higher in the top season later.

- Airline tickets to Venice - Santorini (Volotea 140 €)

– Lunch in Oia 12-16€

– Lunch in surroundings 10€+

– A drink 5-10€

– Coffee 5-10€

– Cocktail 10-20€

– A bus ride 2-3€

I strongly recommend visiting Santorini. It stayed in my memory, as one of the most beautiful trips and I will surely return. Romance, extravagance and mysticism of the island takes over you in an instant and this is where the charm of it all lies. If you embark on the journey, I will be very pleased with your comment and experience.

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mia uživa
mia in mami
mia in opica
mia pleza
grška pica
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  1. Stacy 3 years ago

    Super beautiful!! I’ve been dreaming to go to Santorini and experienced it.
    Hope I can visit soon! I love all the pictures <3

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Thank you so much Stacy! <3 Santorini is really amazing place 😛

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