Work with me

Here are some ways we can work together:

• Press & social media trips
• Reviews (hotel, restaurant, travel, products, tours, etc.)
• Giveaway
• Social media takeovers
• Brand ambassadorship
• Sponsored Posts
• Affiliate programs
• PR or commercial



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  • "Collaborating with Mojca is a great pleasured and for sure we would be happy welcoming her again. She have been concerned by our boutique-hotel's positioning and have been developing her content with a great eye for detail. Both on social media and her blog, she proposes attractive tips about travel and we are happy to be featured in her recommendations."

    Hotel Chavanel
  • "Being our first attempt collaborating with a social media influencer, we were a little unsure but Mojca took the time to explain what is involved and what we can expect from her. She kept us up-to-date with her travel plans and when we would see the output of our collaboration. She has put a lot of effort in writing the blog and the photos are of high quality. Together with her partner and lovely daughter, Mojca's work portrays the "feel" we wanted and is ideal for our target groups. Highly recommended!"

    Nicholle Tan (iHoppers)
  • "Cooperation with Mojca was a pleasure for us. The whole communication including the personal meeting was very smooth, friendly and full of positive energy. Our team did their best to make your stay special. Therefore, we are very glad that you recommend Roset Boutique Hotel to all."

    Roset Boutique Hotel
  • “Mojca, at the moment when I met her, seemed a pretty and simple girl who knows exactly what she wants. On shooting, she followed my instructions and together we came up with a great result. Her face is very beautiful and photogenic, and this is what photographers crave. She has a lot of experience in marketing her blog and she has shared with us the secrets of her success without any problems, which I appreciate very much. I'm happy to recommend cooperation with Mojca.”

    Tjaša, fotografinja